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Monday, April 18, 2011

Final Project Progress

Our final project is off to a bumpy start but is picking up steam. Thus far my group has been formed (Alex Maniaci, Courtney Bengston, and Myself). We have decided to conduct interviews with students talking about technology and how they use it. We will be meeting throughout this week in person for some collaboration and ironing out of the details as well as working separately while communicating through email. I am looking forward to really getting rolling on this project and interviewing people. We will more than likely check out a flip from the lab and use my camera to take our videos. Our biggest hurdle will probably end up be trying to keep our video length to a minimum. I am already thinking we could possibly do three separate videos as a series, post one per persons blog, and link to the other two. Making each one's focus a little bit different but carrying the same message.

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