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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Assignment 11

This approach to technology is pretty unique in my opinion. I found it very interesting that they were learning to work collaboratively and read using Nintendogs on the DS, that's pretty neat. I love when she says "...technology isn't going away." during the skype interview, this is so very true. It's great that her students are getting to learn this at such a young age. Once again we see young students using the same approach to learning that we are here in EDM 310, simply wonderful. Blogging and the internet provides an audience and a cornucopia of sources. You get feed back and that is a great thing for young students, I remember always showing off my school work when I was younger, I would have loved doing this and getting comments in first grade. It was also interesting to hear about the evolution of the technology used in her classroom. Going from computers that wouldn't run programs to broadening out to DS systems and laptops.
 Once again we have a post I feel a bit left out in. Being that I intend to teach High school math it becomes difficult to incorporate technology. There's room for it, just not as much as other subjects or with teaching younger students. I do certainly hope to have a blog having to with my teaching once I am in a classroom, with links to helpful resources for my students and I intend to not just point at boards, slides, or transparencies. As tablets are advancing I can foresee useful programs coming about that I will be able to use (maybe help develop, oh my!) I'll communicate with other educators through my blog and possibly twitter.  With how much technology is involved in my personal life I don't foresee it not being in my professional life, that would be an atrocity.

Little Kids...Big Potential

Ms Kathy Cassidy Skype Conversation

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  1. Nick,

    I love how you took Mrs. Cassidy's ideas and thought about how you can implement similar activities in your own classroom! You have some amazing ideas, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear about your ventures as an educator! I know the semester is coming to a close, but in the future, please be sure to stop by the lab every now and then to keep us posted!

    - Allie