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Sunday, April 3, 2011

C4T #2

My teacher for this go round of C4T was Angela Maiers, the president and founder of Maiers Education Services. It's an education consulting firm.
I commented on her blog posts Visual Notes: Digital Literacy Week 2 and Chalk talk

In visual notes Mrs. Maiers talks about a students visual notes made during class that were then converted into a video. It was a very interesting way of presenting notes and a good way to review later on.

In the post Chalk Talk Mrs. Maiers talks about a few web 2.0 resources. These are somewhat useful links and she even included Google Motion, Google's April fool's Day prank for this year. My favorite one was BigMarker which I can see myself using, possibly in the near future. While I have seen other resources that offer similar sharing I haven't seen one that looks as nice and includes more than one way to share. It could even be useful thing to use for our final collaborative works since you can share your desktop and chat at the same time.

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