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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Assignment 12

Q: In this class you are asked to comment on one classmates blog a week for C4C. Describe to me your experiences with these comments. How does commenting make you feel? How does it feel about the comments you receive? How do you feel when you do not receive a comment from your fellow classmates? What might you change?


I have enjoyed our commenting, I feel it is a great way to get feedback from someone else who is taking the class and viewing the same material. When I started commenting I felt very awkward, there wasn't that much to go off of in the first assignments. As we all became more comfortable blogging I became more comfortable commenting but not quite all the way there yet. I still often find myself trying to find exactly what it is I want to say to the person. I have people listen or read my comments occasionally if I think I may have been to harsh and could reword it to be less critical and more constructive. I sometimes feel my comment was inadequate and the post had deserved more. The last thing I want is to offend someone in their own post or belittle what they said. I have tried to make good comments, give feedback and suggest other sources and ideas when possible.
 I always get excited when I receive a comment, the notification goes straight to a special folder I made in g-mail just for them and I get giddy when I see a number next to it. Occasionally there is a little disappointment though, I have grown to rather dislike disposable comments. A simple "great job" is almost as bad as nothing at all but not quite. I want to improve my blogging as I intend to continue doing it into my career. Not receiving comment simply means someone did not read my blog either because they dropped the class or didn't get the chance to. Receiving a "good one" is almost the same as being told they didn't care enough to read it all or think about it for one second in my opinion.
 The one big thing I would change about the C4C assignments is I would have each student assigned two or three blogs to comment on. This would hopefully minimize the amount of times students only get a comment from a lab assistant or Dr. Strange. I know I don't always respond to my comments but it might increase responses as well and garner more interest in what we are discussing.


  1. I thought your idea for a blog post was a good idea. I think it would be a good reflection post that could be done at the middle or end of the semester. This could be something that is used to help you actually see what you need to improve in your blog posts, and that could possible help with your grade outcome in EDM310.

  2. this was a great idea for a post, especially since half of the class is about commenting. I enjoy reading other people's blogs and giving them my feedback. I also love to know what other think about what I do or do not write.

  3. Hey Nickolas,

    I never would have thought to make up this assignment. Way to use your imagination! I also love to get comments that are worth my time. It is easy to get caught up in all the assignments and not leave good comments on our fellow classmates' blogs.

    Great thinking on this one Nickolas

    Stephen Akins