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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Assignment 13

The website for ALEX contains a cornucopia of information. In the Webresources section you will fine resources for students, administrators and teachers alike. The site can be used to create lesson plans and research topics to your hearts content. Many sections of it a broken up into subjects to narrow your quests for knowledge further. You can go to the podcast treasury and hear about a variety of topics as well.
You can use the site to create lesson plans either on your own or basing them off of other educators ideas. It is fairly easy to navigate after the initial steps and has a wide variety of information to be used.

ACCESS is a little bit harder to navigate in my opinion but the program is good. Making a for education uniform across the state and accessible to almost anyone is a great idea. Like ALEX it has a wide offering of resources and it feels much more aimed to the students.

I found both sites a little overwhelming, perhaps if I had started with a more specific purpose I could have navigated better instead of just going in and clicking through links then starting over. The exploration was fun though and both sites offer a variety links in their respective resources areas. These sites are nice but they seem like a starting point for gathering resources for a PLN in my opinion.

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