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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project #16

Personal Summary:

I found it quite interesting that the younger interviewees seemed a little bit more anti-technology. My own inference on this is maybe the younger ones have had more experience with the trouble technology presents within education or have not had enough experience with its benefits. Most college age students have experienced the frustration of an online assignment not submitting or a key part of assignment being unavailable due to tech troubles, updates, and web upkeep. Perhaps the schools of these students did not integrate education and technology in a manner that was actually conducive to their education.

These interviews cannot show that much but I do believe that they express the great divides of peoples opinions on technology. Even those who similar opinions on some areas saw other areas differently, perhaps this is one of the largest hurdles we face when dealing with integrating tech into education. Everyone has their own ideas of how it should be and even how it works. This is something we will all have to keep in mind when proposing technology, someone might view it differently but still agree with you on some level.


  1. So far I have just watched #1. I agree that I was surprised by the limits these kids want to put on little kids. Two side learnings for me: don't video someone in a rocking chair and 2) get above their knees. I will use parts of these interviews in some material I am developing.

    These videos must be set to personal or locked since they are not visible on your partners' sites. Please change to public.

    I will return with comments on videos 2 and 3.

  2. Now I have watched all 3 videos. there will be extremely useful to me. I have a lot of ideas about how to take bits and pieces and mould them into several "stories" I want to tell.

    I come away from watching them more convinced than ever that we are focusing on technology when we ought to be focusing on learning and how technology can further that objective. We need to get students to want to learn. We need to show them how to learn. We need to make sure they understand learning skills that can be transferred across subject matter areas is far more important than memorizing facts. We need to train them to use technology to make learning easier and more effective. But we also need to show them how games, or "day dreaming" can be effective in learning when the focus is on learning. I think Wendy Drexler and the Networked Student are where we should focus our attention.

    Many thanks. Very stimulating. When you have time a complete essay trying to make sense of the data and opinions you collected would be a wonderful activity in which to engage. So when you are daydreaming in your classes next semester, think about the data you have here and try to make even more sense of it.

    Very well done indeed. Thanks!

    I would like the outtakes from my discussion if you still have them. Actually I would like a copy of the originals of all 3 of these interviews if they are available. My use of them will be made much easier and the end product will be better.

    Thanks again.

  3. I can bring the originals with me to class, they are all on an SD card. The videos are set to public, I'm not sure what the issue might be. They may have tried embedding the google docs shared version which is set to private.