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Sunday, May 1, 2011

C4T #4

This go round I was assigned Scott Elias' blog.

The first post I commented on was Engaging Teachers in Instructional Rounds. In this post Mr. Elias talks about teachers having "rounds" like a medical proffessional and attending another instructors class voluntarily. The class is then discussed in a group and the viewing teachers give constructive criticism and are allowed to build on others ideas. This is a wonderful idea because it gives educators a great chance to improve. the observing teachers get to see another teaching style and the teacher being observed gets group comments on ways they can improve and what they are doing well.

The Second post was Air Head which is about Mr. Elias' experience in buying and converting to a Macbook Air. He talks about the constraints of the memory and offers some very helpful solutions on how to manage and back up data. I feel this is a helpful artice even if you don't use a Mac and an example of how you can take advantage of web-based resources so that your work is never left at home/school.

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