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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final PLN report

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My PLN is still growing, but I believe that is kind of the point. The hub of my PLN is now most certainly my RSS feed and the blogs I subscribe to. I have gotten slightly more use to twitter and I am using it more frequently to communicate and seek out resources.I have been finding a variety of educational blogs by reading the suggestions that google reader has for my RSS feed.
As my PLN has been evolving it has been an interesting journey. I have communicated with teachers from various areas of the country and Canada. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the discussions I see on twitter through the hash tags #edchat and #mathchat. The internet is a big place and still full of resources I have yet to even scratch at. There is so much out there to pull from it can be overwhelming at times but as I have continued to streamline how I search, read, and communicate it has gotten much easier. Now when I look for math resources instead of finding childrens games for subtraction I am finding things for high school students and educators. Google has become a precious resource for me with a wide variety of uses.

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