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Sunday, February 6, 2011

C4T #1

My assigned teacher was Kim Cofino who is a very interesting and productive person. I think everyone should take a look at her blog not only because it is extremely interesting but it's very tech centric. You can learn more at her in the about me section on her blog.

Engaging the Parent Community
In this post on her blog Mrs. Cofino talks about a little something called Parent Technology Coffee Mornings, where questions parents may have about technology and what students are learning can be answered. It actually seems to be something extremely relevant to our class as a lot of our students are a bit uneasy at the amount of technology and all the terms that come with the web presence required for this course. It definitely sounds like something to be a part of as an educator, especially one teaching abroad. The input Mrs. Cofino gains from these types of meetings is very useful. I think that is very advisable that anyone in her our class and incorporating technology into their future classroom read this blog since it offers wonderful insight.
 It reflects the importance of not only engaging our students but their parents, especially when technology is involved. Parents may not be up to date on technology and if they don't understand something they may hinder the student from using it for leaning purposes for fear of it being misused.

Planning a year of Technology PD
 I actually got a bit lost reading this one because I kept clicking through the links and clicking on links that those posts led to and so on until I forgot where I started.  Back to the point though. This post offers great insight into planning  just about anything. It's really inspiring to see someone working so hard to get those who teach learning. It has very lofty goals that I certainly hope can be accomplished. I'll definitely be sure to check back on this to see how this plan pans out in the future. It's so exciting to get a glimpse into an educator who gets to travel and teach in so many interesting environments.

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