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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Assignment 5

Eaglenest Radio and Class Blog

It was interesting to hear these young students expressing themselves in this blog. It's neat that they are creating educational content that can be presented other students. This is a wonderful idea that is done very well, their background effects are well used and not overpowering the speakers. This is a very creative way to get students learning by having them do the research, write a script, and then present it in a form that can be shared across the world.

This podcast shows how you can make an entertaining podcast that is also informative, it's like an old-school radio show. No pictures or video just education. My favorite one was episode two, despite my affinity for sharks I really enjoyed the time traveling adventures.

The Benefits Of Podcasting in the Classroom

In this video statistics were used in the beginning to grab attention. It gave a few examples of how you can use podcasts within a classroom. It talks about how students or teachers can be the podcasters. It also puts forth the scenario of a sick student not missing out on important information because of their ability to listen to a podcast of the lecture at home.

I enjoyed this video, it definitely shows how to use podcasts in the classroom. The benefits are very clear and since it is so easy to do it's not something that would cause trouble for the educator. It's not something that would take a lot of time out of the day like creating a video, you simply record your lecture as you teach the class and post it once your done. The students clearly enjoy.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

This is a solid list of resources whether you are new to podcasts, listening or recording. It's very comprehensive on tools and tutorials that can help you out no matter what the problem. I have already added it to my bookmarks folder. It's almost too intensive with how much it offers, it's taken me quite awhile to just scratch the surface of all this page has to offer.

I already listen to podcasts and have for awhile now, I even remember when people were arguing to call it an audcast or vidcast. I mostly listen to film junk's podcast as background noise when I am doing other things, but I occasionally catch others. I actually currently have three french podcasts, one russian, and a podcast on manners loaded up on my mp3 player waiting to be watched and listened to. I currently don't have any subscriptions on anything educational, unless you count the french and russian,  but I am looking to remedy that soon.

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  1. I went back and reviewed the 100 Ways page as per your critique of it. I can't believe you have been into this realm of learning long enough to remember them arguing about audcast and vidcast. Did you attend a primary or secondary school that was very involved in tech-literate education?