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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project 12: Skype Interview

My original interviewee fell through and a friend of mine in Texas was kind enough to help me out at the last minute. We had a long chat before and after the interview; he even ran long on the interview. We covered a lot of technology and education topics. I hope to condense some of the rest of our conversation down to post later as a podcast. He comes from a tech savvy family, his father even played a role in the development of internet radio, which was one of the questions that was unfortunately cut.


  1. My first interviewee had one act play responsibilities that held her up. I will be interviewing her tomorrow and will either add it to this post or make a new post for it.

  2. I really enjoyed watching your video, it's perfect for this class because it goes along with how technology goes along with our EDM 310 class.