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Sunday, March 6, 2011

C4k Summary #2

An Interview with Silvia Tolisano of Langwitches Blog

This time around I was assigned the blog Langwitches which is written by Silvia Tolisano. This is an educator who obviously loves including technology and the classroom and will do so at every opportunity. Some of you may recognize this blog from last weeks assignments when we were talking about podcasts.

The first blog post I commented on was Let's Ask the Kids: 2nd Grade Bloggers In this blog Mrs. Tolisano posted a four minute video of students talking about blogging. It was an interesting video to watch as the kids explained how they blog, a few benefits of blogging, and why they enjoy it. It is a fine example of using Blogging as a teaching tool that children will enjoy. The kids seem enthusiastic about it and grasp not only the blogging but how one should comment on the blogs of others. Honestly, I am a little jealous that these kids are getting this opportunity so early in their education.

The second post I commented on was Third Graders Called Upon to be the Experts and what experts they are. In this post students were skyping to share their experiences using Skype. Once again I find myself jealous since our skype assignment for this class has not come up yet though I have started preparing. The kids had a lot of work to do for their skype session and each was assigned a different duty during the calls. It was interesting to see their results as well, especially the note takers since each one use a different type of technology to take notes. They prepared in advance for their calls in a manner that is similar to how I have begun preparing for my skype interview. I think that this activity made the classroom feel like a group of professionals instead of just students.

It was wonderful to get to read this blog. It is very inspiring to get to see all the things that Mrs. Tolisano brings into her classroom and how much the students enjoy it. We even get to learn from her students since they seem to be working on projects very similar to ours here in EDM 310!

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