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Currently a student at the University of South Alabama majoring in secondary math education.I have a deep affinity for old typewriters, pens, and keys.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

My name is Nickolas Sullivan, I was born in Lubbock, Texas. I have two sisters, Wendy who is a tax lawyer in Wisconsin and Mindy who is currently persuing her MBA and works with the cross country and track team here at south. My family moved to Colorado City, Texas after my parents divorce where we lived until a brief stint in El Paso, Texas finally moving back to Lubbock. After I graduated High school a year early I attended my freshman year of college at the University of Hawaii Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii. After my first Year I moved back to Lubbock for eight months before moving to Sidney, Ohio to be closer to my extended family. After eight months in Sidney I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota which I is where I moved here from. I decided to attend south because my Sister had just moved here, it is a good school, and I was wary of harsh winters.

I have held a variety of jobs over the years and have worked as a camp counselor for the Boy Scouts of America teaching merit badges. I have always thought of being  a teacher and flipped back and forth between a desire to teach, translate, or enter the medical profession. I finally came to the decision to teach after a rather recent discussion with various members of my family over where my interests and strengths lie.

 I have always enjoyed artwork, music, poetry, and photography. I love going to museums and one of my favorite things about the time I spent in Minneapolis was that I lived a block away from the Walker Arts Center and Sculpture Garden. My favorite artists are M.C. Escher, Man Ray, and Salvador Dali. My favorite writers are Nicholson Baker and E.E. Cummings. I am an amateur photographer and I use a Pentax Super Program 35mm currently since my other camera broke awhile back. I also have two digital point-and-shoot cameras that I use occasionally. I write letters to friends and family occasionally on my blue portable Olympia typewriter because my handwriting can be indecipherable at times.


  1. So glad that you chose USA, there is definetly a warmer winter season here in Alabama. What is your major? Also, are you fluent in a second language?

  2. I should have mentioned my major I completely forgot about that. I am now a secondary math education major which I changed from nursing. I'm not fluent in any language but English but I have a few years of French and Japanese under my belt. I haven't really worked with other languages in awhile though and intend to improve my abilities when I can find the time.

  3. Great follow up to Carol's question Nikolas. I doubt that she has subscribed to this post, so I doubt she has seen your response-- which leads me to my next point. Be sure to subscribe to EVERY blog post that you respond too. It will greatly improve your experience throughout EDM310.

    You seem like a REALLY interesting guy. Thank you for sharing your photos-- you could not be doing better at this point. Keep opening up, relaying your thoughts, reactions and experiences in your response posts. Also-- feel free to share any additional posts that you would like so long as they are appropriate for an educational setting. I know we (the staff) will enjoy the unique perspective you seem to have.

    You should get in touch with JT Rawls and encourage him to share his photos as well. I noticed that he too is interested in photography.

    Btw, I attended my first year and a half of college at UH-Manoa!


  4. It's funny you should mention that Anthony, I talked to him Thursday about smart phones. I then ran into him yesterday where he works when I was out with friends.
    I don't know if you are like me and all my friends but I miss being in Hawaii, biking everywhere, and living a mostly care free life. There were so many free things to do like sunset on the beach which is a movie and popcorn on the beach in Waikiki once a month. I lived in a place called Kalo Terrace which was off campus international housing right across H1 from UH, it was a unique experience. My professors there also had a lot of influence on me, most classes were very small and personal since we were in office buildings. The thing I miss most about living there is the variety of food and how affordable it was if you knew where to go, especially sushi.